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Jandal Camping Tours

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Choose what activities you want and eat to your budget, prices reflect this saving . We don't include activities as you may not want to do certain things. You may also want to eat noodles everyday for 8 days or live like a king and eat steak everyday.

Complete with your very own kiwi tour guide, Cara is relaxed, we take trips at the groups pace. If you want to go on hikes go for it, or if you are a more chilled read a book by the lake you can, it is up to each individual, this is YOUR road trip, stop for pictures, swim at the blue pools, feed some sheep, we are the best tour company that offers as close as you can get to a no rush road trip, with the perks of you not having to drive

We also do a short quiz night with awesome prizes on each tour

Jandal Camping Tours


As well as the kiwi favourite pies/pizza and a NZ BBQ, continental breakfast is included every morning as well as one cooked breakfast. General spices, S & P, oil is included as well as coffee and tea.

You can choose to cook together as a group or individually. Your tour guide is always there to help you. Stops at supermarkets and locally grown food stalls are generally everyday. You can choose to make a packed lunch for your travels or stop at local café, there are some favourite food places along the way that your guide will take you too.

Jandal Camping Tours


Accommodation is included in the full price, including your last night after the tour finishes. Don’t get sucked into other companies that don’t offer full accommodation. Your 1st night before the trip starts is up to you. Just make sure you are ready at the meeting place by 6:30am on the departure day.

You can also upgrade to cabins/hostels where you can at your own cost.

On your way around New Zealand your friendly knowledgeable guide will show you some awe inspiring places, little hidden gems, fantastic walks, stunning crystal clear springs, lots of sheep and cows, wild life is everywhere in New Zealand, don’t worry either we have no dangerous animals except for the dreaded mosquito, which can be abundant in places, but you will be given some bug spray to keep the little guys away.

Jandal Camping Tours

Environmentally Conscious

We try to be as environmentally conscious as we can, recycling, making sure we leave each site better than we found it. We also support local community projects and the Department of Conservation.

So come on over and relax knowing that your holiday is fully sorted let us do the work so you can enjoy New Zealand the way you should, camping under the stars, listening to the birds and having one hell of a good time!!!

Jandal Camping Tours
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